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Affordable engine and transmission diagnostics and repair services

Don't replace your car! Repair it.

Did you know you can save money by repairing your car instead of replacing it? Some owners think that replacing a car is more cost-effective than making repairs, but this is simply not true in all cases. When you choose an affordable car repair company, like Maryland Auto & Truck Repair, your repairs are a better value and will save you money up front. Find out how much money you can save when you bring your car to our shop.

Maryland Engine & Transmission Installation & Repair Service

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Car Engine Repair & Replacement Service

Car engine repair services for all makes and models of cars and trucks to keep your vehicle reliable and running like new. We provide affordable engine repair services to fix both old and new engines that have problems; we also specialize in diagnosing potential issues due to check engine lights and service light warnings.


Did your check engine light come on? Do you know if your transmission is in optimal condition? We have the answers to these problems at Maryland Auto & Truck Repair. Bring your car to our shop for a free diagnostic test today. Maryland Auto & Truck Repair offers a complete line of services for engines and transmission repairs.


We have an excellent working relationship with our suppliers. This benefits our clientele because we offer quicker turnarounds and better warranty protection. Some of our parts are guaranteed for up to three years. We also believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We offer warranties on some of our labor to ensure you receive the results you paid for. Contact us directly for specific information regarding our warranties. Given the considerable investment made for these products and services, it is best to get a complete warranty on both parts and labor. When jobs are estimated, we specify the warranty available for the parts and labor and the duration of the warranty.

Major engine installation - great job. Our 2005 Explorer engine failed after 128k miles. So, we got several quotes. The Maryland Car and Truck was with a rebuilt engine rather than a used engine. I like the idea of a rebuilt or new rather than used. But, most importantly was quality of work.

They met my expectations ! I said not to use any old components that looked like they could fail in a year or two. At a minimum, put on a new alternator. They also suggested new coils and a new battery. Good idea. I spent a little more, but I’m hoping for a few years of low maintenance. Quality Job.
Jeffrey Beavin